Why Do My Mountain Bike Spokes Keep Breaking?

broken MTB spokes

You love going on windy (and sometimes rough!) adventures with your faithful mountain bike. You never used to have to think twice about its spokes, and barely even had them trued, but lately, they’ve been snapping like uncooked spaghetti. You’ve replaced them again and again, but they continue to break after a few rides. Is … Read more

MTB Disc Brakes Overheating: A 101 Guide

MTB Disc Brakes Overheating

There’s nothing quite like biking through the mountains on your trusty MTB. Sure, it’s hot out, but cycling at such great speeds lets the wind run through your hair and cool you down. All seems well until you brake and take your foot off the pedal and rest your leg against the rotor, only to … Read more

Can I Wash My Bike at a Carwash?

carwash station

Let’s face it, your bike is filthy. Your wheels are covered in mud and a questionable yellow goo, and you even spot a few pebbles stuck between the treads. You could bust out the sudsy water and sponge and clean it yourself, but why would you do that when you could take it to a … Read more

Is It Cheaper To Build a Mountain Bike?

Let’s face it: mountain biking is an expensive sport. You have to buy the right gear, clothing, and shoes, and frequently replace bike parts, like the brake pads and tires. And, of course, you have to make sure you have a high-quality mountain bike that will be sturdy and reliable so you don’t have to … Read more

How Fast Can you Go Downhill On a Mountain Bike?

how fast a mountain bike go downhill

If you’ve ever tried mountain biking, you’ve probably experienced how exhilarating riding downhill can be. And like most enthusiasts, you’ve also probably wondered, “Exactly how fast can you go downhill on a mountain bike?” Bikers go uphill at a speed of 13 kph or 8 mph. Once they reach the downhill section, that speed doubles … Read more