8 Mountain Bike Kickstand Alternatives

mountain bike with kickstand is placed on the road to a mountain

Kickstands can be such a fuss. Dirt, rocks, and other debris can get caught in them and even injure you if you crash or fall off your bike. Not to mention, they add extra weight, slowing you down and proving to be a general nuisance. All they do is stand your bike up, which is … Read more

How Much Does A Bottle Of Water Weigh?

hand holding a bottle of water under the clear blue sky

You’re planning a biking trip in the desert. You’ve packed sunscreen, biking gear, and camping supplies. But, you suddenly realize you’ve almost forgotten to pack water! How much weight can you expect the water to add to your load? How can you calculate how much water bottles weigh? Keep reading to find out! Water Bottle … Read more