How Much Does A Bottle Of Water Weigh?

hand holding a bottle of water under the clear blue sky

You’re planning a biking trip in the desert. You’ve packed sunscreen, biking gear, and camping supplies. But, you suddenly realize you’ve almost forgotten to pack water! How much weight can you expect the water to add to your load? How can you calculate how much water bottles weigh? Keep reading to find out! Water Bottle … Read more

How To Remove a Stripped Torx Screw?

how to remove a stripped torx screw

You’re in the process of doing some routine maintenance on your bike when you notice that a Torx screw is completely stripped. Its characteristic divots are worn and it looks like it’s going to be fused to your bike forever. Is all hope lost? How can you remove a stripped Torx screw? Keep reading to … Read more

Why Does My New Bike Chain Break?

new bike chain breaking

You’ve just replaced your old bike chain with a new model. You go to take it for a test ride then, boom! Your bike chain has broken in half! It looked sturdy enough, so what happened? Did you just buy a cheap chain or is it your fault? Why do new bike chains break? Keep … Read more

Why Do My Mountain Bike Spokes Keep Breaking?

broken MTB spokes

You love going on windy (and sometimes rough!) adventures with your faithful mountain bike. You never used to have to think twice about its spokes, and barely even had them trued, but lately, they’ve been snapping like uncooked spaghetti. You’ve replaced them again and again, but they continue to break after a few rides. Is … Read more