Can You Go Long Distance on a Mountain Bike?

mountain bikes are well designed for long trips

Mountain bikes are fantastic for pulling you up steep hills and bringing you back down with control. They take the wear and tear of unforgiving trails very well, especially with their thick knobby tires and forgiving suspension. But how well do mountain bikes do when riding long distances? Can you hop on a bike and … Read more

Can a Mountain Bike Get Wet?

a mountain bike can definitely get wet

Picture this: you’re riding through the mountains on your amazing mountain bike. You spent months finding the right tires with just the right amount of traction, adjusting the handlebars and seat to your liking, and deciding whether to go for a steel or carbon fiber frame. Only 30 minutes into your ride, you feel a … Read more

Are Mountain Bike Tires Tubeless?

tubeless tires aren’t the only option available for mountain bikes

There are so many elements to consider when picking out a bike. The tire size, frame, and handlebar distance can all make or break your riding experience. The tubeless tire first began gaining popularity in 1999 after over a decade of using an inflatable innertube inserted into the rim. This revolutionary development changed the game … Read more

How to Measure Mountain Bike Handlebars?

to measure mountain bike handlebars

There are countless factors to building or buying the perfect mountain bike for you. Whether you’re picking out your tires or deciding what material frame to go with, each mountain bike-related decision you make will determine your riding experience. The type and size of your mountain bike handlebars are no exception. After all, you are … Read more

Can you Mountain Bike with a BMX?

you should probably avoid using a BMX as a mountain bike

We know that the bike world can be a little confusing. They all have two wheels, pedals, and handlebars, so what’s the difference? Using the correct bike for an activity will determine how easy the ride is or if you’re able to finish the trek at all. You might even end up hurting yourself if … Read more

Are Wheelies Bad for your Mountain Bike?

a mountain bike is a good option for doing wheelies

Are you even a biker if you don’t do sick wheelies? Flipping your front tire up looks awesome and is as exhilarating as it is difficult. Are popping wheelies bad for your mountain bike? Should you avoid this stunt if you’re trying to maintain the longevity of your bike? The good news is that you … Read more

Can a Man Ride a Women’s Mountain Bike?

man can ride a woman mountain bike

Numerous scenarios could occur where one may be looking to hit the trails, only to realize the bike choices available to them are limited. Maybe your bike is currently in the shop, or you are visiting some family and decide to borrow one of their bicycles, quickly learning that there isn’t necessarily an option that … Read more