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a mountain bike can definitely get wet

Can a Mountain Bike Get Wet?

Picture this: you’re riding through the mountains on your amazing mountain bike. You spent months finding the right tires with just the right amount of traction, adjusting the handlebars and seat to your liking, and deciding whether to go for a steel or carbon fiber frame. Only 30 minutes into your ride, you feel a …

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tubeless tires aren’t the only option available for mountain bikes

Are Mountain Bike Tires Tubeless?

There are so many elements to consider when picking out a bike. The tire size, frame, and handlebar distance can all make or break your riding experience. The tubeless tire first began gaining popularity in 1999 after over a decade of using an inflatable innertube inserted into the rim. This revolutionary development changed the game …

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Haro MTB is a reliable brand with a supportive fan base

Are Haro Mountain Bike Good?

Haro mountain bikes are made by Haro Bikes, a company with a rich history that’s been dedicated to creating the best bikes in the business since the late seventies when it was called Haro Designs. Haro Bikes first entered the market with factory plates for BMX bikes and slowly grew from there. In 1987, Haro …

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