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Are Haro Mountain Bike Good?

Are Haro Mountain Bike Good?

Haro mountain bikes are made by Haro Bikes, a company with a rich history that’s been dedicated to creating the best bikes in the business since the late seventies when it was called Haro Designs. Haro Bikes first entered the market with factory plates for BMX bikes and slowly grew from there.

In 1987, Haro Bikes began looking into the mountain bike market to open itself up to a whole new market. Eventually, the Haro MTB brand emerged in 2008 and is currently one of the biggest names in the industry.

Most mountain bikers will agree Haro mountain bikes are the best in the business. There are a variety of styles to choose from and ride smoothly and efficiently.

Here’s what you need to know about Haro mountain bikes, what customers think of their purchases, and a few other great brands to look into if you don’t think Haro MTB isn’t for you.


Who Are Haro Mountain Bikes For?

Haro MTB: Refuse To Follow

Haro mountain bikes are great for the biker that doesn’t want to settle for a single bike. What makes Haro MTB practical is that several components of all of their bikes are upgradable, so you can constantly be stepping your bike up.

While beginners can enjoy the benefits of Haro mountain bikes, they are also celebrated by more experienced riders. Whether you’re looking for a mountain bike with dual suspension or a freestyle mountain bike to take you soaring through the sky, Haro MTB has got you covered.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll still be able to find a Haro mountain bike for you. They offer bikes for a wide range of prices. So whether you only want to spend a few hundred dollars or have several thousand dollars to spend, you’ll be able to walk away with a bike to ride over the mountain ranges.

Product Lines and Key Features

Specifications – Haro Bike MTB FLC 29 Pro

There are several products to choose from from the Haro MTB brand.

  • Dual Suspension
    This range has been redesigned for 2021. The recent version has a new vertical shock position and aluminum rocker. There are seven dual-suspension bikes to choose from.
  • EMTB I/0
    This range is perfect for climbing and cascading down those steep hills that make mountain biking so rewarding. The “Boost” motor mode makes going up virtually any hill possible. There are five EMTB I/0 bikes to choose from.
  • Hardtail
    The 2021 hardtail models feature streamlined tubing and a sleek new look. There are three wheel sizes to choose from, making them great for riders of all ages and abilities. Haro MTB offers ten hardtail bikes to choose from.
  • Freestyle MTB
    The freestyle mountain bikes are great for riding in skateparks or doing epic jumps. If you want a mountain bike with a BMX twist, this is the range for you. There are five freestyle bikes to choose from.
  • Kids
    Haro MTB acknowledges that bonding with your kids on bikes is incredibly special. They have several different size options. The Flightline series is great for more hilly areas. There are eight kids’ bikes to choose from.
  • Urban These bikes are perfect for day-to-day riding around the neighborhood and running errands. There are two models in this range.
  • Sports Fitness
    This range offers bikes for riders who aren’t committed to one style of riding. Whether you love to zip around town or challenge yourself or a trail, the Sports Fitness bikes do it all. There are five bikes to choose from in this range.

We think our favorite range is the Kid’s Range because it’s never too early to get the little ones on a bike!

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Haro Mountain Bike? 

To start, regular maintenance is essential to getting the most out of anything, especially a mountain bike where perfect performance is vital. The tire pressure, brakes, shifting, pedals, and other elements should be checked regularly. If you think something isn’t as it should be, do not go riding. You risk damaging your bike and hurting yourself.

Choosing the right model for the right range is also important. Think about what you’re going to be using your mountain bike for–do you even need a mountain bike at all? What are the trails like around you? How are you realistically going to be using this bike?

The last thing you want is to build up an idea of how your lifestyle will change upon acquiring the bike and end up leaving it to rot in the garage because your real riding circumstances aren’t perfectly aligned with what you originally wanted them to be.

How to Use

10 MTB Tips For Beginners | Setup And Riding

Riding a mountain bike is different from pedaling along the pavement on a city bike. The Haro MTB style you go with will determine how you should ride the bike, but here are a few basic mountain bike technique tips to get you started.

1/ Adjust Your Body and Seat Position According to the Trail

Sometimes it is not the bike that’s making things difficult, it’s the way you’re riding it. Your body and seat position should be dependent on whether you’re climbing or going down a mountain.

2/ Brake Properly

Knowing how to brake properly will make your riding experience better and help you treat your bike with the love and respect it deserves. The key is not to brake abruptly. Brakes are meant to give you control of your speed; you rarely should have to slam them.

3/ Learn How to Bike Safely

Want to speed through the trails on your Haro MTB? Learning the proper trail etiquette is essential to avoid any bumps and bruises (on you or the bike)! We recommend installing a bell if you’re going to be making a lot of sharp, blind turns.

Changing Parts 

upgrading or replacing parts is easy with Haro bikes
Upgrading or replacing parts is easy with Haro bikes, giving them the upper hand as a bike company. We always recommend replacing a broken part before trying to ride it again. If you don’t, you might incur further damage to the bike.

If you have decent bike knowledge, you might be able to get away with upgrading the parts yourself. However, don’t be afraid to take it to a professional. We recommend asking them to look over the entire bike as maintenance while you’re there.

You can change almost any element of your Haro MTB from the pedals to the handles. Even the pegs can be switched out!

We really like this feature because it’s perfect for customers that can only afford the cheaper models. Over time, they’ll be able to replace small parts, increasing the value and improving the performance of their mountain bike.

Customer Reviews

customers are very satisfied with their Haro mountain bikes
Customers are generally very satisfied with their Haro mountain bikes. Most of the bikes have great value, especially considering how expensive mountain bikes can be.

The bikes are stable, which is super important for getting through those bumpy spots on hill trails. Customers like how lightweight Haro mountain bikes are since it makes them easy to control and even pick up to get through tough terrain.

Haro mountain bikes’ builds are relatively simple, so they are easy to repair. Some customers don’t appreciate the physical appearance of Haro mountain bikes, but we think they look pretty good.

When looking for a mountain bike, you want a very solid and sturdy frame to keep you upright as you pedal uphill, and Haro mountain bikes provide just that.

Customer Service 

Haro Bikes has great customer service. They ship their bikes within 48 hours of the order being placed and arrive in a timely fashion.

Haro Bikes is reachable via phone at 1800-289-4276 and via several emails.

Good Alternatives

other great mountain bikes for you to look at
So, we’ve given you quite a few reasons why other people love Haro mountain bikes, but if you’re still not convinced, we’ve put together a short list of other great mountain bikes for you to look at.

1/ Pivot Cycles 

Known for its award-winning mountain bikes, Pivot Cycles is a brand you can trust. They have several mountain bike models to choose from, all of which feature a carbon-based frame.

2/ Santa Cruz Bicycles 

Based in Santa Cruz, California, this mountain bike company has a variety of excellent mountain bikes to choose from. The physical appearance of their bikes is striking, and the performance has left customers raving.

3/ Yeti Cycles

If you’re looking for a bike brand that’s relied on by some awesome industry professionals, look no further than Yeti Cycles. Their designs are innovative, and you’re bound to find the perfect bike for your riding habits.

At the End of the Day

Haro MTB is a reliable brand with a supportive fan base. Their bikes are easy to upgrade, and the variety in models means you can find exactly what you want.

We also love the range in prices at Haro MTB since not everyone can afford to drop huge sums of money on a bike.

The biggest advice we can leave you with is that your bike is only as good as you treat it, so regardless of what bike you end up going with, perform regular maintenance on it and don’t put off replacing damaged or broken parts.

Have you ever ridden a Haro mountain bike? What was your experience? Would you say it’s your favorite mountain bike brand? Let us know in the comments below!

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