Can You Wear Lycra/Spandex on a Mountain Bike?

Wear Lycra/Spandex on a Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is a rugged sport that requires endurance, agility, and passion. It’s a great hobby if you want to shed a few pounds, see the sights, and keep your heart healthy! Group mountain biking is also one of the most popular outdoor activities for friends, families, and Sunday clubs! However, bikers need more than … Read more

How Fast Can You Ride a Mountain Bike?

to ride a mountain bike fast

Mountain biking is a great hobby to pick up, especially if you’re already into other types of cycling. However, you may be wondering if a mountain bike is able to reach the kinds of speeds you want to ride at. How fast can you ride a mountain bike? And how hard is it to reach … Read more

Can you Mountain Bike With a Fat Bike?

With all the different options for cyclists, it can be hard to decide which bike is the best for your needs. And when it comes to cycling over rough terrain, the two bikes that have grrown popular over the past few decades are mountain bikes and fat bikes. However, which is better for riding over … Read more